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Letting Go of Hustle

I'm learning and leaning into a new thing. It’s new to me, anyway.

So much of what I've learned about being "successful "has come from a masculine model of leadership. Work hard, work harder, work harder still. Who cares what it does to your body, your relationships, the planet, your experience of your life. “You've got goals, people! Hustle now, enjoy it later. “

Now, don't get me wrong. Goals are one way that I identify what I want and where my growth edges are.. We all enjoy and need a sense of purpose and direction. And while there are aspects of traditional leadership theory that I can really get into and I have learned a lot from, it's a new day and the old ways just longer serve me as they once did.

We need more models of feminine leadership; softer, embodied, wholehearted ways of moving through this life and creating businesses. Or whatever we choose to create! We need more leaders willing to redefine success. It's not just arriving at the destination, achieving the goal or reaching the next rank. It’s also how it FEELS to be on the path.

True confessions. I realized I've been trying to squeeze my luminous soul into a coporate blazer and skirt, and in truth, I've never, ever liked blazers. I love softer, flowing wardrobe that lets my body feel its natural shape and breathe. Plus, someone might turn on some groovy tunes and I might need to dance. And I realize it's not just the way I want to feel in my clothes but the way I want to feel in my life, and in my business.

There is room for a new way. A softer, brilliant, tender, aligned, open-hearted way. A way of walking toward our goals that leaves room for vulnerability, emotion, redirection, community, playfulness, and a hunka- hunka self-care and self-honoring activity. And did I mention more dancing?

I'm just beginning to see things differently in my life. We are all artists at heart, creating our lives as we go and I'm beginning to learn what I want my life to look like and feel like. I like it. And there will be lots of dancing.

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