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Nourish and Hope

My words for 2018

For the last many years, I have chosen a word or words to accompany me though the new year. They are like anchors for the unexpected storms of life. Love notes from the Divine, or friends who whisper in the ear of my heart, and guide me toward growth.

This year, I had other words competing for my attention. Juicy words like “flow, blossom, trust, joy, happy, fun, faith and ease” all waving their excited hands at me like eager students competing to come to the front of the classroom.

But there is no denying a persistent word who knows her time has come. She can sit confidently in the back of the room knowing her stillness makes her even more visible in a sea of frantic activity.

If you know me (the real me) you know that after years of being a recovering perfectionist (which basically just means I was just scared a lot) I can still tip in the direction of obsessing about getting things JUST RIGHT. It was no different with something as simple as selecting a word for the year. If I am not paying attention, my old conditioning can rear its ugly head and before I know it I have worked myself into a self-imposed, grandiose panic about fear of choosing the wrong word.

I know that sounds ridiculous but its amazing how fast your mind will take you to crazy town. This is when it’s good to put some calming essential oil in your hands, breathe it in and then place your hands over your heart, and just breathe some more.

Fortunately, that old conditioning doesn’t get triggered nearly as often as it used to. I have learned to just let the words arrive in their own time, and in their own way. I learned about this from my two dear word friends of 2017, Release and Receive. They taught me that the words come when I am not stressing about them. I don’t have to make a list of fifty awesome, inspiring words. They words take their time and bubble up to my awareness when I am casually doing something else.

Nourish and Hope.

Nourish and I felt an immediate connection. Nourishing my spirit, my body, my mind. Nourishing my relationships, my work, my service, my connection to the Divine. Nourishment is more heart centered than scientific. It’s the difference between eating and a loving meal prepared in your own kitchen. It the difference in pouring love into an action and just getting it done. It’s a delicious, life-giving, intentional, heart centered word. Nourish and I went straight from being introduced to an almost immediate hug-fest.

But, Hope? Well, she seemed a bit needy. You know, like that friend who is always asking, “Do you like my dress? Do you like my dress? Do you like me? “ Hope didn’t feel rooted, grounded or secure. Hope seemed iffy. I don’t do well with iffy. I had trusted hope before and have had some disappointment. But even sharing this reaction with you now is already beginning to show me why Hope might be asking for more attention this year, especially coming off a very difficult and deeply discouraging year. I’ve always thought of myself as a hopeful person but the look in Hope’s eyes this year is telling me it’s time for a long talk, heart to heart talk.

I don’t know what the year ahead will bring.

What I do know is that both these words will influence and inform my 2018.

They’ll provide a lens though which I’ll be able to view the unfolding events of the coming year. They’ll teach me throughout the year in expected and unexpected ways. They’ll accompany me through my days and nudge me when I get too far off track. They’ll provide context, encouragement and clarity.

Nourish and Hope. I know they’ll have a lot to teach me.

If you choose a word/s for your year, I’d love to know what they are! I’ve launched a new FB group in 2018 called Heart Centered Essentials Community. Let me know if you’d like to join us. We’ll be having conversations about Heart Centered Essentials for your life and business. I’d love you to join the conversation. Comment below if you’d like to be added and I’ll invite you.

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2018 and to a beautiful, unpredictable year of growth heart centered nourishment and hope, to you and yours.

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