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Why I Jumped Into Essential Oils

...and why I never looked back!

It all started with a little drop of essential oil.

Hi, I’m Mary Thoma and I currently live in Louisiana. My husband Ron and I are the parents of two beautiful, beloved adult daughters and two adorable and very spoiled dogs. I am motivated, creative, compassionate and committed to creating a healthy balance in my many pursuits. I started using essential doTERRA essential oils to help bring calm and ease to my often stressed life as a professional actor/acting coach and to help me through the emotional transition to a new role in real life, that of an empty-nester mom.

For so long, I’d thrown myself into my role as a mom to my girls. I love being a mom with my whole heart. Even though I have worked outside the home, I am all about home and family and creating a loving nest. Well, I’d reached a stage in my life where my nest had emptied out and emotionally, it brought a lot of soul-searching and re-evaluation as I explored what was next for my life. My hubby and I were starting a new chapter being empty nesters, he had recently retired, and felt a lot of change in the air and I while I was open to this new chapter it also brought a lot of emotional transition with it even though I knew I’d done my job and this was part of the cycle of life..

I was looking for ways to increase my self care and to live a more wholistic, healthy and natural way of life. I’d always been interested in natural approaches and products but was way too busy to research things and would feel so overwhelmed with choices. Ever been there? Who do you trust? What really works and what is just, well, marketing and hype, right?

One day in yoga class, my instructor came around and offered us essential oil at the end of class. I’d never heard of doTERRA and all I knew about essential oils were that 1) they existed and 2) only hippies or super crunchy mamas knew what to do with them. But you know what? That one little drop in my hands smelled amazing and made me feel good. So after a few classes that ended in experiencing different aromatherapy by doTERRA, I decided I liked them and I wanted some. I didn’t really know what to do with them but I saw it as a new kind of self care I could give to myself. You know, the same way I used to buy a nice candle or lotion.

What started as small gift to myself quickly turned into an incredible new lifestyle.

I was empowered and encouraged by my essential oils community and quickly and easily began integrating essential oils into my life. When I had uncomfortable physical issues, it was as simple as reaching for an oil. When I needed a boost in my mood or to calm down from a stressful situation, there were oils to support me.


It became a beautiful way to care myself naturally in mind, body and spirit and I felt so good about caring for my family this way, too. Harnessing the natural power of plants and knowing that my body loved these essential oils – and they worked, over and over again, ignited a passion in me for greater health and a confidence that I could achieve it. I have received that and more from my daily oil usage, and I want the same for you!

I am now passionate about supporting others to create a life they love using doTERRA Essential Oils as a foundation for vibrant health in mind, body and spirit. You can have these natural solutions at your fingertips, too. You can care for yourself and your loved ones with plant power you can trust. I love helping others transform their health, their vision for their lives, and even grow businesses if that’s what they want. And it all started with one little drop of oil.

If you are ready to jump in, I’m ready to leap with you and to support you in any way I can, to whatever level you desire. You deserve to give your body and spirit this beautiful support and I am ready to support you! Take the first step and set up a consultation with me. I want you to have what I have and together, we can empower, transform and create a beautiful life for you and your family, too! It just takes a little drop of oil!

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